It's December and darkness. But even if the sun does not come up, the southern sky present itself in a fantastic color scheme.

Where The Sky Is High

When you come from the south, passing Smørfjord, the landscape becomes more open, the sky is high and The Porsanger Fjord shows itself great and majestic in front of you. There are 20 km across the fjord to the other side seen in the distance.


Often, the sky is clear with sun. There is less rainfall in this area than further west. The mountains on the west side of the bay prevents gray weather coming in from the west. This photo shows a great summer day with perfect weather.

...but some days are rainy or grey

We are in Finnmark on the way to the North Cape. The weather can change. Even if it is windy, raining or gray, you get the sense that at Seljenes you can breathe. Here is the air like that of the open ocean, or a mountain top. But you are on E69, not far from the North Cape or Nordkapp as the locals say.


Rent a cabin? Samuels Cottage at Seljenes is amazing. 


"Where is Seljenes?" you might ask. Seljenes is about 100 km from Hammerfest, 100 km from Honningsvåg, 100 km from Havøysund, nearly 100 km from Lakselv and slightly more than 100 km from Alta. It is very centrally located in Western Finnmark.


See also this map.


You can find many photos of Seljenes on Flickr.


or in this book Seljenes - The Silent Beauty or Naboer på Seljenes