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Samuels Cottage is beautifully situated well above and with a breathtaking view over The Porsanger Fjord. The car park is by the E69, a short walking distance, by the red house. The spacious parking lot is ours, but may be used for free by the guests at Samuels Cottage.
Velkommen til hjemmesiden vår

Today - April 4th / 2014 - the mailman brought a parcel which made us proud. The parcel contained a framed picture from booking.com showing guest review score for Seljenes Cottage 2013: 

9,5 / 10

That is amazing. We are grateful to all guests at Samuel's Cottage / Seljenes Cottage in 2013. We appreciate their feedback. 

We also promise to do our best to make our guests feel welcome in 2014.

Enjoy the new Moon from the terrace
The cabin is configured with a spacious living area including kitchen, one master bedroom with a comfortable double bed, two separate bedrooms with three and two beds respectively, making the total number of beds 7, one of them best suited for a child or a small adult. 

The bedding is of traditionally Norwegian quality, which is top if I may say so. The bathroom is equipped with shower and flushing toilet, and of course hot/cold water. The kitchen is fully equipped for self servicing with fridge, oven, freezer and utensils.

Your price pr night 
1/2/2015 - 31/5/2015 and 1/9/2015 - 29/2/2016:
Your stay: 1 night                      NOK 1490,- pr night
Your stay: 2 - 6 nights               NOK 1120,- pr night
Your stay: 7 nights and more    NOK 990,- pr night

Your price pr night  - SUMMER 2015
1/6/2015 - 31/8/2015:
Your stay: 1 night                         NOK 1600,- pr night
Your stay: 2 - 6 nights                 NOK 1200,- pr night
Your stay: 7 nights and more      NOK 990,- pr night

Bedding (blankets/pillows, etc.) is included.
We need to know how many people you are. 
Cleaning upon leaving  NOK 100 - 400,-. 
May be done by the guest before leaving.

Call or send SMS to my mobil 0047 93258006 or send an email (which  wil also show on my mobile).

You may check availability and book on booking.com

Ssmuels Cottage: See this  map .

Samuels Cottage a day in February

30 minutes walk to this mountains top will give you the most awesome view over the magnificent  Porsanger Fjord.

Great for skiing.

Beautiful creations.

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Ingunn | Svar 10.02.2010 20.06

Så morsomt! Hytta er fin, det har jeg jo selv sett. Nå gjenstår det bare å få langt flere venner på facebook slik at riktig mange kan se annonsen

Pappa 10.02.2010 20.19

Hyggelig at du synes om hytta. Kanskje du hjelper med et opplegg for videre framstøt?

123hjemmeside.no | Svar 09.12.2009 00.18

Gratulerer! Nå er du godt i gang med kommentarer på din hjemmeside. Husk å fortelle om det til familie og venner. Riktig god fornøyelse
Mvh 123hjemmeside.no

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21.07 | 19:10

We had a wonderful time at your cottage - thank you!
Alena, Ludvik, Jolanta and Slawek

15.08 | 21:45

Hei Ingar og Britt,
den var fantastike ferie i seljenes. Vi kommer neste ar igien. Hilsen fra tyskland Dietmar, Petra og Lisa

18.04 | 18:20

Hei Ingar og Britt.
Tusen hjertelig takk for at vi fikk bo på hytta deres.
Og en stor takk for at dere tok så goHytta er helt toppers.
Klem fra Helge, Olga,Nang

15.03 | 10:14

Hær så det jo riktig så bra ut Ingar:) Vi kommer nok til å ta kontakt får å leie:)

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