Seljenes og Samuels Cottage seen from 250 m above.

February sun over Smørfjord seen from Seljenes

Amazing terrain 20 minutes walk from the cabin. Easy to walk in summer and winter.

Storvannet - The Big Lake just 35 minutes to walk from the cottage

Sun over Porsanger

A view for "The people of the sea"

View from Seljenes

Nisa a small whale. These sea creatures come in large flocks.

A view worth a million!


The Rainbow often takes on special forms over Porsanger.

In the summer we often see pollock "cook" only 50 m off the shore.

Whether you like it or not, the reindeer are regular guests in the area.

5 minutes walk from the cottage you will find this nice waterfall.

You can rent a boat with or without motor. Båtprogrammet be expanded in summer 2013.

Like a bonfire? We have more possibilities to give you what you like.

Rod fishing from shore.

The bright summer.

The always fascinating moon.

Samuels cottage and the neighborhood

It takes 30 minutes to walk to the Great Lake. Furhter into the valley are seven smaller lakes.

Reindeer cooling on a "hot" summer day.

The clouds over the bay never ceases to fascinate me.

Morning fog.

A fishing boat returns to Smørfjord. Some of the best fishing grounds in Porsanger is located just outside Seljenes.

Summer, shrimps and white wine.

Hunting season

Frost and beautiful forms.

Dark autumn nights with a sparkling moon over the bay.

Full moon over Porsanger is truly a sight worth.

The first snowfall reminds us of a winter on the way. Spectacular colors along the road towards Smørfjord.

The cottage also takes on autumn suit.

My photos from Seljenes

When I came to Seljenes I was immediately captivated by the wonderful light here at the outer part of The Porsanger Fjord. First I thought that this was an isolated occurrence. But it was not. Now I always bring the camera around, and the picture collection is steadily growing. The fascination continues.

Welcome to Seljenes to make your own pictures!

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